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Appointment of New CEO of Raspadskaya Coal Company


The Open Joint-Stock Company «Raspadskaya» («Raspadskaya» or the «Company») has appointed Sergey Stepanov as the Chief Executive Officer of Raspadskaya Coal Company (managing company of Raspadskaya) with effect from 1 July 2014. Gennady Kozovoy, ex-CEO of Raspadskaya Coal Company, will continue serving on Raspadskaya’s Board.

«Gennady Kozovoy has been with Raspadskaya for 36 years, starting from electrician and becoming its chief executive officer. Under his leadership Raspadskaya became one of the largest coal companies in Russia and globally. We are grateful to Gennady Kozovoy for his years of highly dedicated work, exceptional leadership and vision for the Company and for the staff and employees. We will look to benefit from his unique expertise and experience in the future», said Raspadskaya’s Chairman Terry Robinson. «We welcome the appointment of Sergey Stepanov and expect that EVRAZ’s coal assets will continue their growth under his leadership.»

Sergey Stepanov was appointed EVRAZ’s Vice President, Head of Coal Division, in December 2012. In June 2013, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Yuzhkuzbassugol Coal Company, a subsidiary of EVRAZ. Before joining EVRAZ, he was Executive Director of Nordgold and Vorkutaugol, and served in managerial positions in Severstal Resources and SUAL-Holding.

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