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The shareholders of Raspadskaya approve new composition of board of directors


Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo Region, Russia – An extraordinary shareholders meeting of Raspadskaya was held on 4 September 2006. Raspadskaya shareholders approved the Resolution on the Board of Directors of the Company in its new redaction and set the compensation for Members of the Board of Directors. The authority of the previous Board of Directors was terminated ahead of schedule and a new seven-member Board was elected.
The Raspadskaya Board of Directors gained three new Board Members – Ilya M. Lifshits, Jeffrey R. Townsend and Christian Schaffalitzky. The four members of the previous Board were again elected to the Board – Alexander Abramov (Evraz Group), Alexander Vagin (Raspadskaya), Gennady Kozovoi (Raspadskaya) and Alexander Frolov (Evraz Group).
Ilya M. Lifshits is an attorney, accredited auditor and member of the Moscow Attorneys Chamber. A graduate of Moscow State University, in 1991 he began working as a lawyer for Edas Consulting, where his was made a partner in 1999. He oversees business law, specializing in such areas as mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and taxation, among others.
Jeffrey R. Townsend is a graduate of Oxford and since 2005 has been a Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit Committee at TMK. His past experience has mainly focused on auditing and consulting, first at Touche Ross in Great Britain and then in Germany with Treuverkehr and KPMG Deutsche Treuhand-Gessellschaft, where he became a partner in 1984. Mr. Townsend has been working in Moscow since 1995. He was one of the consultants in the privatization process in East Germany and participated in the reform of the bookkeeping system of the USSR, and subsequently Russia and other CIS countries. He currently chairs a work group responsible to audit reform in Russia.
Christian Schaffalitzky (de Muckadell) graduate from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and at the present is managing director of Eurasia Mining Plc, a company specializing in geological exploration and development of precious metals resources in Russia. Mr. Schaffalitzky has extensive experience in preparation and realization of programs in this sector, as well as broad experience in business administration. His background entails more than 30 years of production experience in various countries throughout the world, including working at Aquitane Mining (a subsidiary of Elf Aquitane Group), and then at his own firm Crowe, Schaffalitzky and Associates (CSA).
The roles of the independent directors will be determined in accordance with criteria to be approved at one of the upcoming board meetings.
About Raspadskaya
Raspadskaya comprises a group of enterprises operating in the coal production complex of the Kemerovo Region in Russia. These enterprises include the Raspadskaya Mine, the MUK-96 Mine, the open-cut mine Razrez Raspadsky, the Raspadskaya Koksovaya Mine (under construction), and the Raspadskaya Enrichment Plant, as well as number of transport and infrastructure service enterprises. The Company is the largest producer of coking coal on the Russian market, and it provides coal products to smelters and coking plants in both Russia and the near abroad. In 2005 Raspadskaya produced 9.7 million tons of coal.
A 92.65% stake in Raspadskaya is owned by Corber Enterprises Limited, which is owned on a parity basis by Evraz Group and the management of Raspadskaya. The remaining shares are held by minority shareholders.
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