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Raspadskaya comprises several coal assets located in the Kemerovo region, Russia. The mining assets are the Raspadskaya Mine, MUK-96 Mine, Razrez Raspadskiy (Raspadskiy Open Pit Mine) and Raspadskaya Koksovaya Mine; there is the washing plant of OF Raspadskaya, transportation and industrial infrastructure assets.

The Raspadskaya Mine;


The Raspadskaya Mine is the core asset of the company. The designed annual capacity of the mine is 7.5 mln tonnes of GZh (semi-hard)-grade coal. The highest production volume of 8.6 mln tonnes was reached in.

The mine was commissioned in 1973. The underground infrastructure is completely sufficient for the current needs. A continuous maintenance programme is implemented at the mine, ensuring that all the infrastructure components are in working condition. The mine is equipped with both foreign and domestic mining equipment.

The mine employs traditional water preparation and dust control systems and regularly upgrades its water treatment facilities that handle industrial water discharge, waste water, mine drainage water and rainwater.

The MUK-96 Mine


The designed annual capacity of the mine is two mln tonnes of GZh (semi-hard)-grade coal. The mine is developed using the traditional mechanized longwall mining method with a simple coal transportation scheme via conveyors straight to the surface, where coal is first dumped in an open storage and then transferred to another conveyor for transportation to OF Raspadskaya washing plant.

The Raspadskaya Koksovaya Mine


The Raspadskaya Koksovaya Mine produced one mln tonnes of K (hard)-grade coal a year. Two sites are currently developed there, one being an existing mine where secondary seams are worked, and the other a mine under construction with a scheduled capacity of two mln tonnes a year.

The Raspadskiy Open Pit


The pit was set up to develop coal reserves previously considered in Russia non-minable or non-viable. The pit is unique in terms of combining the two coal production techniques, the usual open-pit mining and highwall mining. Cutting-edge equipment from the world’s leading mining machinery producers is used in the pit. Despite the difficult geological conditions and thin deposits, the pit has overcome a monthly coal production of over 500 tonnes per worker. In 2013, with the year’s production of 4 mln tonnes, the pit ranked among the top-five coal pits in Russia.


The Raspadskaya Coal Processing Plant


The plant was built after the highest engineering standards and is fitted with high-quality equipment to enrich coals from the Raspadskaya mine, the MUK-96 mine and the Raspadskiy open-pit. It was built in two years and commissioned in 2005. The plant uses an advanced washing technology that features a closed- circuit water and sludge treatment system.

The plant is an environmentally safe production as it has no pollutant-discharging equipment and uses no hydraulic dump. High-quality domestic and imported equipment ensures a steady and effective performance. The processes and the design of the plant allow a high degree of production flexibility.

The designed capacity of the processing plant is 15 mln tonnes of raw coal per year. In December 2007, a record 19,490 tonnes of coal were processed over a single shift. In January 2008, a monthly record was set of one million tonnes of coal processed. In May 2013, the plant achieved its 60th million tonne of processed coal since commissioning.

Technological processes are managed with the help of an IT system that ensures automated control over and management of core adjustable parameters, including density control, levels control and sequence of operations control. A daily log is made of a range of parameters covering all aspects of plant’s operations, including consumption of expendables. Automated sample collectors are located at the key points of production chain which ensures that representative samples of incoming raw coal, finished products and shipped products are collected.

There is a laboratory at the plant, equipped with high-quality modern analytical equipment, including machines for element analysis and measuring thickness of plastic layer. Apart from traditional express tests, the lab can perform element ash analysis.

The Olzherasskoye Mining Directorate


The main line of business is underground construction and tunneling (mine workings, vertical shafts). A wide range of services is available from the company: tunneling, timbering, repairs of straight, inclined an vertical mine workings; installation of piping, rail tracks, etc.); drilling of de-gassing and other support wells; explosion works.

The Tomusinskoye Loading And Transportation Directorate

An industrial railway provider, the company ensures transportation of coal to RZD’s railway. An in-house repairs shop is certified to overhaul locomotives, which allows the company to offer rolling stock overhaul services to third parties.

Other servicing and supporting companies  

Montazhnik Raspadskiy


OOO Montazhnik Raspadskiy produces and repairs mining equipment, provides timbering and other expendables. The company offers its services outside the Raspadskaya cluster, too, and has earned the reputation of a reliable partner.


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