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Production and Technology

A leap to a market economy was accompanied by a pressing need for fundamental reforms in both the organization of business processes and the implementation of production technologies. New achievements needed to be put to use in order to keep mining operations competitive.

Two enrichment complexes were purchased from Joy Mining Machinery and installed in 1998-2001. New equipment such as the Continuous Miner 12CM15, self-propelled Shuttle Car 10SC32, Eimko 912 D and Vombat pneumatic drilling plants were purchased along with enrichment complexes. Low-producing and unsafe coal-plough machines were replaced by up-to-date models.

The list of new machinery also includes but is not limited to:

Eickhoff ET 120 roadheader
ABM 20 Voest Alpine continuous miner
FSW Conveyors
Driftrunners for transporting miners
Hydraulic excavators from CAT, RH and Liebherr
TEREX/O&K RH170 hydraulic shovel
Eimco 912 EX Loader

Due to equipment upgrades and reorganization undertaken in 2004, daily production increased 3.5-4.0 times to compare to 1994 levels; the time required for equipment re-mounting reduced significantly; and numerous other indicators were improved.
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