Распадская (логотип) Лидер угольного рынка России
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License and Reserves

The nature has endowed Raspadskaya with favourable mining and geological conditions. Our reserves consist largely of forceful continuous seams with the thickness from 1.5 to 5 meters with a flat dip of less than 10o .Seam gas content is within optimal working range.

  Reserves according to International Standarts Reserves according to Russian Standarts  
  Proved Reserves Probable Reserves Total Reserves Total Resources ABC1 C2 ABC1+C2 Ranks of coal
Raspadskaya 139 311 451 867 668 2 670 ZH, GZH
MUK-96 49 154 203 311 183 128 311 GZHO
Raspadskaya Koksovaya 0 101 101 243 177 65 243 K, KO
Razrez Raspadsky 19 8 27 40 76 167 243 GZH, GZHO
Total 208 574 782 1,461 1,105 362 1,467  

Source: IMC report, Raspadskaya.

Our reserves-to-production ratio based on the 2005 production volume and calculated for the Russian ABC1 resources ("balance reserves" under the Russian system which are very similar to Resources under international systems such as the JORC Code) amounts to 113 years. We believe to be No.1 by reserves-to-production ratio among five largest Russian coking coal producers.


Raspadskaya Coal Company has licenses to mine coal for the next 20 years. Licenses for cut mining provide a sufficient reserve base for cut working and deep coal bed exploitation until 2013.

Brief information about our licenses is provided below:

  • — Raspadskaya Mine has two licenses: a basic license to mine on Raspadsky field (No. 12677), granting right to 1 to 14 coal-beds, and license to mine on Raspadskaya Mine 2 (No. 11889), granting right to 3-3a to 10 coal-beds. The licenses grant the right to exploit all coal-beds within the license areas to 250 meters level.
  • — MUK-96 Mine has two licenses: basic license No. 00635 and license No. 13024, concerning Mine No. 2. The basic license grants the right to 15 to 19 coal-beds on a 5.6 square kilometers area within the license limits. Raspadskaya Mine No. 2 license grants a right to 11 to 19 coal-beds.
  • — Raspadskaya-Koksovaya Mine has license No. 11578, which grants the right to all coal-beds within license limits.
  • — Four licenses are for cut mining. They are the Raspadskaya Mine basic license (No. 12677), MUK 96 Mine basic license (No. 00635). MUK 96 Mine No.2 license and Glukhovsky area license (No. 13446).
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